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Paul Bugge started Inspection Protection in 1986 and we have been doing residential inspection since then.

Paul Bugge

Home Inspector/Semi-Retired

Since starting this company in 1986 I have had the opportunity to inspect thousands of homes. It has been a rewarding career but it is time to move on. Although I am no longer doing daily home inspections, I will always be available to answer any questions past clients may have regarding their home.

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Paul J. Bugge started this company in 1986 and has been doing residential inspection since this time.

  • As a past  general contractor for new home construction  I have built a variety of custom and modular homes and continue to stay current with the latest designs, materials and methods of construction used in the home building industry.
  • Since starting Inspection Protection, I have inspected thousands of homes in northern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin.
  • Certified Gold Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors #3507
  • Minnesota Department of Health Radon Measurement License RMEA—238
  • Licensed Wisconsin home inspector #251-106
  • Snell certified thermographer
  • Residential energy auditor
  • I am an active member of the American Society of Home Inspectors. I have served as a national representative to ASHI, a member of the technical review committee for The ASHI Reporter, along with various other positions within the Heartland chapter of ASHI.
  • I am well versed in building science, cold climate housing, moisture investigation, carbon monoxide testing of heating equipment, radon testing and mitigation.
  • I am an author and speaker on issues affecting the home inspector and the home inspection industry.
  • I maintain a continuing education program of 30 hours annually to further my knowledge of homes and issues affecting the home inspection industry along with methods of communicating this knowledge to my clients.

It is our desire at Inspection Protection to provide a comprehensive, knowledgeable, and unbiased view of the property we are inspecting to allow you to make a sound home purchasing decision.

Our Services

Inspection Services

We provide residential home and commercial property inspections in accordance with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Practice.

An Inspection Protection Home Inspection includes a detailed, inside and out, top to bottom review of the property.  We will note deficiencies, test the efficiency of fossil fuel appliances, and provide recommendations based on observations of the home.

You will be provided with a detailed report describing the various systems in the home or property.

As a client of Inspection Protection, we welcome questions before, during, and after your inspection has been completed. Check out our FAQs Here! 

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Radon Monitoring

Radon is a radioactive gas naturally occurring in earth’s crust.  You can’t see, smell, or taste radon.  The United States Surgeon General reports that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today.

The only way to detect radon in your home is with a radon monitoring device.  We are licensed and equipped to perform radon testing in your home at the same time we perform your home inspection.

We highly recommend a radon test be completed along with your home inspection.